Dental Benefits

There are a wide variety of Dental Benefits available for individuals that qualify. Federal Employees and Corporate Employees often have benefit programs that most of them are aware of. The same general rules can apply to Dental Benefits as do Medical Benefits. Often these are administered by the same groups for Businesses.

Federal Employees tend might want to check the Benefeds website.

For Veteran Dental Benefits, these look like they are primarily administered by the Veterans Administration.  There were some additional benefits listed on the Dental Benefits Section of the VA website.

Medicaid Dental Benefits likely are mostly administered by the individual states and here is a link to help you get started –
Medicaid Dental Coverage from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services  websites.

Check the CMS site for information regarding Medicare Dental Coverage. The direct link appears to be down at the time this was written.