Vision Benefits

There are a wide variety of Vision Benefits available for individuals that qualify. Federal Employees and Corporate Employees often have benefit programs that most of them are aware of. The same general rules can apply to Vision Benefits as do Medical Benefits. Often these are administered by the same groups for Businesses.

Federal Employees tend might want to check the Benefeds website.

For Veteran Vision Benefits, these look like they are primarily administered by the Veterans Administration.  There were some additional benefits listed on the Special and Limited Benefits Page. On this page if you use Edit/Find on your browser and look for the word “vision” you will see quite a few entries regarding vision benefits including some special additions for Automobile Assistance and other blindness conditions.  Additionally, you will find information regarding coverage for eyeglasses and hearing aids for eligible   veterans.

Medicaid and Medicare Vision Benefits seem to be mostly administered by the individual states. You may be able to find some information at U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services  via their websites. For contact information for each State for almost all services can often be found by doing a search of their Contacts Database Page.