A Place to Start


Are you interested in finding benefits for you, your family or friends? We’re here to help you find the Benefits you are eligible for.

BenefitsEligibility.com is organized very simply. The Start Here tab is organized to help understand how to begin. The Benefits Type tab is organized by kind of benefits that are available. The Organizations Tab lets you browse information from the perspective of the company or agency where the benefits are administered from.

There are a lot of benefits and we likely don’t have to tell you that the world of benefits can be a bit complicated but there is a lot of help. Many Benefits Programs are constantly changing. But don’t worry, we are here to help you.

Most of all, we want to help you help yourself and others. Here are some suggestions for finding and getting benefits that you are eligible for:

  • Look around this website to learn more
  • Use the Search Field to Scan the BenefitsEligibility.com website.
  • Contact Organizations that you think might be able to help and simply ask
  • Talk to Friends and Family about Benefits and Needs
  • Be diligent in dealing with Organizations
  • Don’t accept the first answer you get, they may be wrong

And if you would like to help us help others, just see our contact information to the right or just email us at help@BenefitsEligiblity.com.