Benefits Clinics

There are lots of places you can find help to find and get benefits you are eligible for. There are a number of clinics and similar groups that provide assistance.

We have a found a few Benefits Clinics that help folks like seniors, veterans, students, etc. both with benefits eligibility and related things. The individual attention that an individual puts into it can make the difference in getting benefits.

We expect that like anything where a good bit of money is involved, there are likely illegitimate ones as well as honest, capable ones. We will do our best to list only the good ones and welcome your feedback.

There are likely other meetings and services that are called something other than benefits clinics. We are looking for some better virtual resources as well as we are sure there are many.

Here are the ones we found so far:

Veterans Benefits Clinic (VBC) from William and Mary Law School

Newark Senior Citizen’s Benefits Clinic

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