Finding Benefits Gold

Don’t let Benefits go unclaimed. Likely Billions of Dollars in Eligible Benefits are never received.  Here are a few examples:

Veterans and their families may be eligible to receive unclaimed funds totaling at about $33 million, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans and their families might be eligible to receive unclaimed funds totaling at about $33 million according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans’ advocacy groups say many veterans’ families have no idea the money is there.

Unclaimed Pension Benefits Total $133 Million at Pension Benefits Guarantee Corporation –  (excerpt from the story) The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) reported today that it is holding $133 million in unclaimed pension benefits for 32,000 people owed money from terminated defined benefit pension plans. “Although the vast majority of workers receive their full pension, sometimes people lost track of benefits earned with former employers,” said Vince Snowbarger, Interim Director of the PBGC. “The Pension Search directory helps workers find retirement money they are entitled to but cannot locate.”

Cash-strapped states go after unclaimed benefits – (excerpt From the Story) Billions of dollars in unclaimed life insurance benefits are at the center of a legal wrestling match as cash-strapped state governments step up their efforts to make sure insurance companies properly account for the funds. Although the money belongs to the beneficiaries, states have laws stipulating that the government becomes the owner of abandoned property after a period of time.

Haven’t found a good stat on Unclaimed Health Insurance Yet but I am sure that is well into the Billions of dollars. It is shocking to most people to realize how many Eligible Benefits go unclaimed just because people don’t look or even know to look. The number of times I ran across people, including myself, that had by chance found out that they or people close them were paying out of pocked thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars unnecessarily for something they were covered for just needed to approach the it slightly different.

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