Does Someone You Know have an Unclaimed Pension?

The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) protects the retirement incomes of more than 44 million American workers in more than 27,500 private-sector defined benefit pension plans. Finding an Unclaimed Pension Link  and Description You, or someone you know, may be owed a pension. Below are options for searching PBGC’s list of pensions that have […]

Found Money

There are a lot of ways to find money that is due you. From unknown benefits to unclaimed for forgotten property, billions of dollars are waiting for someone. is another unclaimed property site we found. It is actually fun to look at these sites and very easy to see what you and yours might be […]

Backdoor Roth Tax-Free Retirement

Heard about this little trick on the Clark Howard Radio Show and Googled “non deductible ira to roth” it as instructed. Looks pretty good for those who want some Roth type Tax Free growth potential and don’t have another way to do it. Government tends to make things more complicated that need be. But, sometimes there […]

Benefits Finder from United States Government

Below is an interesting tool. Would be interested to hear from anyone using it that found benefits of value that they qualified for.  It asks a lot of questions but provides a column at the right of the screen that you can see the categories you might apply for as you narrow the list by […]

Individual Medical Coverage in the United States

Medical insurance in the US is a mess. If you have your medical insurance through a company or some other affiliated group and you think it is expensive or difficult, try it as an individual. The individual is left out of this model and it is literally killing and bankrupting people daily I expect. Now, […]

The Unspeakable Benefits of Government Ties

The American People’s Benefits are at risk for a lot of reasons. Because of both human nature and political reality, we really have to watch who is “helping” us.  Granted, the economy is tough for almost everyone and more rough spots are in store almost surely. When money gets tight those without inside connections tend […]

Long Term Care Overview

Well, Long Term Care Insurance can be complicated, but for many, it is an important way to provide for themselves, protect their family and protect their assets. As always, check around and read the fine print before you choose. Long Term Care Insurance may or may not be for you. Here is an explanation of […]

Help Improve has existed for a short time. Most of all, we want to help individuals make the most of their Benefits Eligibility opportunities. We have a number of ideas that might help guide people to their benefits eligibility and those of their friends and loved ones. Things like: A Benefits Eligibility Forum or group where […]

First Post

For simplicity’s sake, when referring to and/or the community, BE will often be used. Maybe not so good for search engines, but good for the site. And the BE site is all about you, the user and the community here that surrounds you. In the BE Blog, we will do our best to bring […]

Benefits You Are Entitled To

There is a lot of discussion these days around “Entitlements” and our “Entitlement Society” within these United States of America. Anyone that understands simple math and looks can see that there is a problem brewing out there with our Federal, State and Local governments. Unfortunately although the math is simple, the numbers are very big. […]