HHS HealthCare.gov Releases Vision of the Future

HHS is changing how people might find health information and we’ve launched the HHS Digital Strategy website to showcase their vision for the future. The stated goal is to provide public health information—any time, any place and on any device–so it’s available whenever and wherever you need it.

5 Ways to Become an Informed Medicare Consumer

Here is a pretty good article from an often pretty political source, HealthCare.gov. Here is their advice to Medicare Consumers. 5 Ways to Become an Informed Medicare Consumer

If the Government Can’t Afford Long Term Health Care…

Trust me, Long Term Health Care Insurance would be great to have. If, you can afford it. Looks like the White House realized that it is more costly than even its budget can deliver. Health Care Costs are out of control and the need for it is gaining ground at the same time. Hopefully, we […]

One Student’s Story: The Veterans Benefits Clinic

The Veterans Benefits Clinic at William & Mary Law School helps getting the benefits for qualified individuals for their dedicated service. The Veterans’ Benefits Clinic (VBC) is comprised of two supervising attorneys (and former Army JAG officers) and several students. This is one students experience on a successful experience of helping a veteran obtain benefits […]

State Governments Have Something That Might Be Yours

Want to check on your State’s Unclaimed Property? See our Unclaimed Property Page. Every state has an unclaimed-property program and Washington State is being proactive about it.  This is from the Seattle Times regarding the $830 Million in Washington State’s Unclaimed Assets. Read the Full Article: Washington state has more than $830 million in unclaimed […]

The Begining of the End for Employer Based Health Care

Employer based healthcare is a bit suspect when it began.  Clearly the Federal Government had an early chance to do something better but abdicated the responsibility. That said, for many this has worked well. Is that about to change? Maybe. TheWeek.com has an article that may suggest just that. It does seem clear that some […]

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

This story buried the lead a bit for me. I, like all of us, have a lot to learn about the evolving Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act apparently says that states must set up health insurance exchanges by January 1, 2014. According to the article, this legislation […]