Employers Past and Present

Many years ago, people worked often at one job their entire lives at a Corporations, Company, other organization or perhaps they were self employed. It used to be that your workplace was where you started with respect to benefits from Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Retirement, Disability and other types of benefits. Most times for companies and corporations, the worked with different government agencies depending on the benefit type to provide an easy way for employees to participate.

Some folks then and even more folks today don’t work for one company their entire working lives. Our society has changing rules over time too that sometimes go unnoticed. Also, a if a certain size company goes bankrupt or has other problems, the employees benefits are sometimes taken over by.

Such benefits may also be available for the spouse or family member of the person who was employed. It varies a lot but often just a phone call can provide the information you need to get significant benefits.

Our suggestion for a place to start:

  • Make a short list of all your or your loved one’s significant Employers both present and past
  • Use Google to find the main contact phone number
  • Call them and ask for the HR, benefits or related department
  • Tell them who you are and ask simply what benefits you are entitled to
  • Go from there

While you may not find any benefits for a variety of reasons, it is often well worth the effort. Larger companies tend to have more comprehensive programs and often even if they are out of business their employee benefit program may well be administered by EBSA. See the Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) page for more information.